Stage Two

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Distance: 158.1km
Start Time: 10:00am
Race Start Location: Te Ore Ore Road, near

Time   Distance                 Point / Comment

10.00am                Start                   Copthorne Solway Park Hotel, Masterton

                                                       Neutralised for Approx. 5.5 km

10.10am                    0.0km                     RACING STARTS on Te Ore Ore Road, near Henley Lake

                                 5.0km                     Sprint One  - Te Ore Ore Rd (by Caves Rd)

10.20am                8.6km                  Turn Left onto Whangaehu Valley Road

27.1km                  Go past Dreyers Rock Road on the left

10.58am                29.0Km               Whangaehu Valley Road becomes Route 52

11.15am                 42.6km                At Alfredton School - Turn Right onto Route 52

45.3km                Sprint One

45.7 km               Turn left onto Pa Valley Rd (signs for Pahiatua)

55.3 km               Turn left onto Mangaone Valley Rd (signs for Eketahuna)

11.45am                65.7 km               Continue straight onto Alfredton Rd

65.7 km               Turn left to stay on Alfredton Rd

72.2km                Start KOM One

74.4 km               Finish KOM One

77.6 km                Go past Alfredton School

Riders complete one more lap of circuit.

12.05pm               80.0km                Sprint Two

106.2km             Start KOM Two

108.4km             Finish KOM Two

112.5km             Turn Right onto Route 52 – return to Masterton

127.2 km            Route 52 becomes Whangaehu Valley Road

1.05pm                129.1km             Go past Dreyers Rock Road on right

147.5km             Turn Right onto Te Ore Ore Bideford Road

1.15pm                 154.8km             Turn Right onto Te Ore Ore Road

156.1km             Turn Right onto Totara St –Warning new Roundabout

157.5km             Veer Right onto Manuka St

1.45pm                158.1km             Finish Manuka St – Outside Masterton Golf Club.

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