Stage Three

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Friday 7 January 2022

Masterton > Martinborough


Distance: 136km

Start Time: 10.00am

Start Location: Carpark Copthorne Solway Park Hotel, Masterton

Neutral Race Control: 6.2km

Race Start Location: Johnstone Street, Masterton near Hullena Sports Ground

Finish Time: 1.10pm (est)

Finish Location: Cambridge Road, Martinborough


Time Distance Point / Comment

10.00am: Start Copthorne Solway Park Hotel, Masterton

10.10am: 0.0km RACING STARTS on Johnstone St, near Hullena Sports Ground

2.2km Continue onto Te Whiti Road towards Gladstone

10.20am: 15.5km Turn Right onto Gladstone Road

24.3km: Turn Left onto Carters Line

25.5km: Veer Left onto Nix Road

28.7km: Go onto Kokotau Road

10.40hrs 32.7km Turn Left onto Ponatahi Road

34.5km Go onto Millars Road

11.10am 38.0km Turn Right onto Longbush Road

52.5km Veer Right onto Hinakura Road

60.1km Veer Right onto Martins Road

62.1km Martins Road becomes Puruatanga Road

63.0km Turn Left onto Cambridge Road - Enter Circuit

11.35am 63.4km Sprint 3 (1st time past finish line)


  • Star circuit – Cambridge Road (between The Square and Strasbourge Street)
  • Enter the Square and exit at Oxford Street
  • Turn Left onto Todds Road
  • Turn Right onto Hinakura Road
  • Turn Left onto Martins Road
  • Martins Road become Puruatanga Road
  • Turn Left onto Cambridge Road to complete circuit


11.45am 70.5km complete first lap of circuit 

Riders complete 8 more laps of the 7.1km circuit

1.15pm 127.3km 9th lap Finish (Cambridge Road)

Stage 3 circuit
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