Stage Four

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Miramar Circuit  

Saturday 13th January 2024

Distance:                                       126km

Start Time:                             12.30pm

Start Location:                        Rex St - Miramar

Finish Time:                                 15.40pm (est)

Finish Location:                          Rex St – Miramar

START LINE:  Rex St, Miramar.   Race start neutralised for 3.1km from Rex St towards Scorching Bay, Turning Left onto Para St, Right turn onto Awa Road, Left turn onto Karaka Bay Road.

Riders to complete 12 laps of circuit.


Miramar Circuit – Stage Four 

0.0 km Race starts from Rex Street
0.4km Turn left onto Para Street
0.5km Turn right onto Awa Road – Start hill climb
1.3km Turn sharp left onto Karaka Bay Road
2.0km Continue on Karaka Bay Road
9.7 km Turn left onto Miramar Avenue
9.8km Turn left onto Tauhinu Road
10.0km Turn right onto Rex Street
10.5km End of lap one

Riders to complete eleven more laps of circuit


Miramar stage
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